Baby Announcement Game


To announce our son’s birth and reveal his name, my wife and I created a small video game – play it at, or watch playthrough video below.

Developing the game was probably the most personal, exciting and rewarding experience in my game dev career. So many design challenges without any precedence:

Who even is target audience? What’s the ideal platform, scope and complexity? How to involve my wife, so it’s not only “my” project? How to balance development with actual preparation for the baby? And what to do if we ever want to have a second child?

In the end, the game is much more than just an announcement. It’s a keepsake to show to our son when he’s older. It’s a lullaby my wife composed and wrote, so we can sing it to him (or hum in my case). And most importantly, it’s a shared experience which bound our pregnancy, work and hobbies together.