Arma 3 Zeus


As Arma 3 development accelerated in 2013, it became painfully clear we have no resources to make the large multiplayer mode we originally intended. In fact, there were barely any designer available, as they were all preoccupied with making single-player showcases and episodic campaign.

I decided to dust off my old prototype of real-time 3D editor and prepare a scripted demo scenario. I then invited colleagues to MP game, not telling them what was it about. Only later, after quite tense and entertaining mission, I revealed that I curated every step of it.

The idea gained support and got approved, mainly because it needed only me and a programmer to develop it. Born out of necessity, Zeus was released shortly after Arma 3 as a free DLC and became an irreplaceable element in MP community. It also paved a way for much larger and more important project later on – Eden Editor.

I shouldn’t forget to mention that Zeus trailer is probably the most unique trailer we’ve ever made.