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Mission Editing Competition 2004 Finalists


Mission Editing Competition 2004

Make Arma, Not War is not the first editing competition Bohemia Interactive ever organized. In 2004, when Operation Flashpoint was still alive and kicking, modding community got their first chance to prove their skills and compete for various rewards, including t-shorts, signed copies and the main prize - VBS1 with all addons, worth several thousands of dollars.

Winners were selected both by public vote and by professional jury, but authors were kept anonymous to prevent any bias. Ten best scenarios were published after the competition was over, but trying to find them now, decade later, is almost impossible. I recently discovered them on my drive, so with official web gone and addon links dead, I decided to release them for everyone else to play.

Armaverse Timeline


Armaverse Timeline

When putting together story of semi-connected Army of The Czech Republic and Private Military Company DLCs, I found myself in need of some visualized timeline enabling me to see the big picture. Using internal wiki as a tool, I later expanded it to accomodate events of all other Bohemia Interactive's games and published the result on community wiki. I still continue to expand it with info about freshly released projects or with hints about upcoming ones.

Debug Console 2


Debug Console

Useful editing console, must have for every community designer. This is the most basic and minimalistic version, inspired by similar console in Flashpoint's FDF Mod.

Download debug console for Arma [3 kB]
Download debug console for Arma 2 [5 kB]

Fair Play


Fair Play

It took only a week to put together this short winning video for OFPEC, theme being "Armed Assault". Create whatever you imagine when somebody says these words and make sure the result is under 5 minutes.

Avoiding large scale combat and hard-rock music favored by other competitors, I went for minimalistic story about small resistance squad fighting enemy armored carrier in the middle of a desert. Inspiration by Metal Gear Solid cutscenes is definitely not a coinsidence.

Download [2 MB]




Slightly experimental mission for CSLA mod, created within one week. Relive the tension of the cold war in a role of western spy and infiltrate the secret Czech base with the objective of taking photos of a new Soviet submarine.

The mission is direct homage to Metal Gear Solid 3, including cardboard boxes, exclamation marks above enemies, debriefing score and silly sixties style. You can find it in CSLA 2.2.

TOP1 - Tactical OPeration 1



TOP1, or Tactical OPeration 1, is scripted system inspired by military simulator Virtual Battlespace 1 and by rumors about then unreleased Arma: Armed Assault. Player is given choice to tweak mission params like daytime, weather, but also role (e.g. downed pilot or leader of rescue team) and specific difficulty. Once mission is running, its whole progress is recorded and can be later reviewed in simple AAR (After Action Review) module, although only on map.

As far I know, nobody was able to successfully recreate mission recording in any of the following games, leaving TOP1 with unique position in this area.

When The World Ends



My greatest achievement in Operation Flashpoint, developed for almost one year. Inspired by Tom Clancy's novel, player is a pilot of prototype US helicopter RAH-66 Comanche sent behind enemy lines to support undercover CIA operation. Nothing goes as planned and when world stands on the brink of world war, its only him who can prevent the global conflict and find out who is behind whole conspiration.

The mission, the pinnacle of what OFP is capable when comes to story-telling techniques, received many full makrs and is often mentioned in lists of the best community creations. However, it was also widely criticized for its experimental nature where bounderies of the game are pushed to the limit where original military core vanishes completely.

Spin-off story called World End Tale showing the same incident from a different point of view was released a year afterwards. Sadly, it's not fully localized to English and experience might not be complete.